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Aarron Parrett - "How to Make a Teacher Cry"A philosophical discussion in the principal’s office changes the course of young Aaron Parrett’s life. A few years after that conversation, he has the unexpected opportunity to apologize for the behavior that landed him in the principal’s office in the first place. Aaron calls his story “How to Make a Teacher Cry”.

Aaron Parrett is a professor of English at the University of Providence. His most recent book is MAPLE & LEAD, a collection of short stories with woodcuts by Seth Roby. He also runs The Territorial Press in Helena, Montana, devoted to fine letterpress editions of hand-crafted Montana literature. Learn more about Aaron at aaronparrett.org.

After years of struggle with the emotional damage that comes from abuse, Elizabeth Rivard comes to believe that the beauty of the world can be found in the human heart. She calls her story “A Beautiful Heart”.

Elizabeth Rivard grew up in a very large family in Buffalo, NY. She fell in love with stories at the family dining room table, where they were a regular occurrence. Being one of the youngest siblings, she was mostly a listener. Her family still shares stories when they get together – it’s one of their favorite things to do.

Chelsia Rice - “On a Train to Cancer Town”Chelsia Rice and her partner take a long train ride to Minneapolis where they hope to get better information about Chelsia’s recent cancer diagnosis. In the midst of their fear and confusion about the diagnosis, they are reminded of the kindness of strangers. Chelsia calls her story “On a Train to Cancer Town”.

Chelsia Rice moved to Montana in 2011 to join her partner, and within a year was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive bladder cancer. It was then that she finally learned about the greatness of love that is born of community and sometimes comes from complete strangers. She is an advocate for cancer patients, teens and misfits; a lover of arts and literature, and a writer of nonfiction. She believes in resilience, is a survivor, and is also a crazy bird lady.

Bob Yost - “If Love Was Easy”Bob Yost certainly didn’t see it coming when he receives a text from his wife as he unpacks the U-Haul after a big move. Bob calls his story “If Love Was Easy”.

His regular daytime career has been working with taxes in Indiana, Oregon, and Montana. His nighttime gigs were playing drums in the bands: Brand-X, Jack Daniels, Sodbusters and last few years, sitting in as the drummer for Tom Catmull in the Clerics, Radio Static, and The Last Resort. His greatest joys come from his family plus helping raise wonderful children that prove he did something right! Learn more about Bob and his music at baptismbar.com