“North! To Alaska!”

This quarter’s Tell us Something was recorded on May 29th, 2012 at the Top Hat. The theme was “I Got Lucky”.

Dawn Anderson shares her story “North! To Alaska!”. Dawn and Mike set their intention to move to Alaska for the summer. The Subaru that they are driving to Alaska overheats and challenges her intention.

Dawn Anderson was born and raised in Montana, and has been lucky enough to live in Missoula for the past twelve years. She has a front porch, a lovely garden, and a cat called Emma. For more than three years now, she’s lent her generally nostalgic taste to The Grassroots Show, a Sunday morning radio program on KBGA featuring old-timey, blues, vintage jazz and country tunes. She probably knows whether or not you take hot or medium sauce, and is always wondering which turn will be HER turn to win the goddamn shake-a-day.