Tell Us Something brings live storytelling on March 21, 2013. Storytellers will share their true personal story without notes on the theme “Extremes”.

Tell Us Something awakens imagination, empowers storytellers and connects the Missoula community through the transformative power of personal storytelling. It is a celebration of each other, our stories and how we move through the world together. All of the stories at Tell Us Something are true.

Doors at 6PM, storytelling begins at 7PM. Your community, your stories.

Playing soccer his freshman year of college in Central Illinois on a competitive division II team, Jim Ambrose’s team plays well in an important game. Afterwards, in the shower with his teammates, he has an extreme revelation because of the beautiful naked bodies with whom he is showering.
Josh shares a story of the time he experienced ultimate synchronicity of the underlying fabric of the universe and the time he committed and got away with federal kidnapping. This two events are related in the sharp focus that LSD can bring.
Barry Gordon leaves the bucket upright on the boat, 79 year old Leif, the captain, who is Norwegian and superstitious, instructs him that he cannot do this, as the boat will sink. The boat doesn’t sink, and neither does Barry when he is dragged off the boat by a sinking anchor.