“Smoke and Mirrors: Watching a Night of Lies Unravel”

Jill’s Bronco driving friend is a bad influence. She convinces Jill to engage in an herbal adult activity that is becoming increasingly legal. They get caught when Jen thinks she’s having a heart attack during the smoking event. The paramedics arrive. One lie leads to another. Jill must then talk to her hyper-vigilant father about what happened.

Jill Beauchesne Alban is a communications professional and writer who has lived, worked, and played in Missoula since 2004. She has an MFA in Creative Writing and an MA in Literature from the University of Montana. She recently completed her first book, a memoir of a solo trek into the Bob Marshall Wilderness, which will be available as an eBook in late 2016. The title is yet to be determined, but contenders are: Babe in the Wilderness and Naked in the Wilderness.  Jill loves getting creative, solving problems, and making a difference in the world. Learn more about Jill on social media: Twitter: @jillalban and Instagram: @jillalban

This edition of Tell Us Something was recorded in front of a live audience on September 15, 2015 at the Top Hat Lounge in Missoula, MT.  This episode features Jill Beauchesne Alban and is titled “Smoke and Mirrors: Watching a Night of Lies Unravel”. Thank you for listening.