, “Interview With Bonnie Bishop”


Bonnie Bishop talks about what it was like to be the first person in Tell Us Something history to share her story in a live-streamed setting. We talk about the pandemic, about collective grief, and about what it means to begin returning to life beyond quarantine. After our conversation, you can hear the story as Bonnie shared it on the Tell Us Something live-streamed stage.


Bonnie Bishop encounters a personality at work that has some interesting ideas about what constitutes professional attire. Bonnie calls her story “GREATER THAN MY PANTS”.


Bonnie Bishop is originally from Northern Virginia and moved to Missoula site unseen after working a few summers in Yellowstone National Park, where her love for wild things took hold. Since then Bonnie has gotten her Master’s degree in Public & Community Health from the University of Montana, which has fueled her passion for health equity and social justice. Bonnie values authenticity, laughter, empowerment, courage, and swears by blasting Evanescence in the bathtub as the remedy for a bad day.