“The Good the Bad and the Smuggler”

Making to the 4PM Bikram Yoga Missoula class from Great Falls, MT was a motivator for Steve Gonzalas as he tries to make it home to Missoula, MT from Great Falls, MT. He ends up in The Twilight Zone: Canada.

Steve Gonzalas is a third generation plasterer, lives in Polson and Missoula, MT. Although he drives on the lost highway, he is still captain of his soul. Learn more about Steve and his plaster work at gonzoplaster.com.

This edition of Tell Us Something was recorded in front of a live audience on September 15, 2015 at the Top Hat Lounge in Missoula, MT.  This episode features Steve Gonzalas and is titled “The Good the Bad and the Smuggler”. Thank you for listening.