“Blackfoot River Rescue”

Jay Dixon of Dixon Adventures has clients on the boat and they are planning a 20 mile day on the Blackfoot. It’s the 3rd week of June during a Salmonfly hatch. With about an hour of daylight remaining, he sees a woman in distress on the rock scree above the river. With the help of Search & Rescue, Jay saves the woman’s life in a dramatic ordeal. Listen to Jay’s story, which we call – “Blackfoot River Rescue”.

Jay Dixonhas a college degree in environmental geology with an emphasis in groundwater and fisheries from the University of Montana.  He has been fly fishing since the age of 6 and started tying flies soon after.  Jay Dixon owns and operates Dixon Adventures along with his wife and partner in crime, Deb. They live in an off-the-grid solar home they built together in the Sapphire mountains, overlooking the Bitterroot Valley, with their two boys, Jake and Zack.  Learn more about Jay and his work at  dixonadventures.com

This episode of the Tell Us Something podcast was recorded in front of a live audience on September 10th, 2017, at The Wilma in Missoula, MT.  8 storytellers shared their story on the theme “Up the Blackfoot”.