“Fighting the Mechanic's Son”


This special edition of Tell us Something in conjunction with the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival was recorded on February 19, 2013 at Monks. The theme was “Ten” in honour of the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival’s 10th anniversary.

Don John Linton shares his story “Fighting the Mechanic’s Son”. Tommy the bully confronts Don John, and Don John catches his foot in the middle of an intended fatal kick.  Messed up Tommy’s bike, and Tommy learns about what a redhead’s temper and rage means. The aftermath is that Don John learns a few things himself.

Don John Linton is a Georgia Hayseed who got blown into Montana by a big snow storm in the 90’s. He’s a writer, photographer, beekeeper and woodworker.  He also has to work or something in his attempt to earn a living.