“Fork in the Road”

Allison Cox, 16 years old, stands at the top of a pyramid in Mexico, imagining that she is flying to another mountain across the landscape from her and that she has a giant wing covered with feathers instead of arms. She is at the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent Pyramid. She shares her dream with her host, Adrienne, who brushes it off as coincidence.  This sharing begins a long distance friendship that lasts years.

After living in Polson for 7 years before moving on, Allison Cox still considers Montana a place she calls home. Allison has been telling stories to anyone who would listen since she could talk. She even started calling herself a storyteller back in 1982 and has been traveling and sharing her tales ever since. She combined her years in public health with her love of story to edit and contribute to two books, The Healing Heart for Families: Storytelling to Encourage Caring and Healthy Families and The Healing Heart for Communities: Storytelling for Strong and Healthy Communities (Families): Storytelling to Build Strong and Healthy Communities. She was a founder of the Healing Story Alliance and edits their online journal. Allison lives with her four legged and two legged family on Vashon Island in Washington state, surrounded by gardens and woods… and water.

This episode of Tell Us Something was recorded in front of a live audience on September 20, 2016, at The Wilma in Missoula, MT. 11 storytellers shared their story. The theme was “Fork in the Road”.

Today’s podcast comes to us from Allison Cox and is titled “Fork in the Road”. Thank you for listening.