Tell Us Something brings live storytelling on December 3, 2013. Storytellers will share their true personal story without notes on the theme “Promises”.

Tell Us Something awakens imagination, empowers storytellers and connects the Missoula community through the transformative power of personal storytelling. It is a celebration of each other, our stories and how we move through the world together. All of the stories at Tell Us Something are true.

Doors at 6PM, storytelling begins at 7PM. Your community, your stories.

Michael Marsolek’s eldest daughter is 29, the youngest are 8 and 7. While living in Arlee, MT, Michael gets a call from CPS in Billings. One of his younger daughters is in the principal’s office afraid to go home. He drives to Billings and promises to keep her safe. Back in Arlee, she is kidnapped.
John Engen - Breaks the promise he made to himself as a young man to never return to the Top Hat. He keeps his promise he made to his wife to love honor and obey. They stay at The Owl Chalet in Plumer ID. They take the 7 hour “scenic route” to The Owl while driving a Honda that has no air conditioning in 100+ degree weather.
Tahj Kjelland’s father was stationed on an aircraft carrier in Vietnam. When he returned, he moved to Missoula and became a carpenter. Tahj asked him to make a promise that by the time he was 45, he would buy a house. Tahj’s father goes hunting one day and got himself a doe.
Stephanie Wing lives in a shed with no running water for two years with her ten year old daughter. Makes a promise to her daughter Gwen that she will buy a house when her daughter asks, “am I gonna have to live with you until I’m 18?”.
Enemy-Hunter enrolled member of the Crow tribe and grew up on the reservation. He was told to never leave the res, and he became depressed, left home to move in with his uncle, determined to get back at his parents. He had to later return to his father’s house in order to take care of him when he got sick.