Oops I Changed My Mind

Please join us for an evening of stories based around the theme: “Oops! I Changed My Mind”.  Storytellers share their true story.  Stories last ten minutes.

Wanting to be a writer when she grows up is much like wanting to be a unicorn or a leprechan, so Karla Theilen didn't talk about it. Instead she shares her other dream of wanting to be a nurse from another era, say, the Crimean War. These two dreams coalesce over time as Karla makes peace with how to be both writer and nurse.
A child in 1943 hides in the lilies of a lake in the Philippine village of Tarlac as the Japanese occupy his village. He goes on to move to Detroit and become a doctor. This story fills Alex with awe and inspires him to take his child to a lake in Michigan, years later, infusing him with the wisdom he’s learned.
After a rousing bout playing street football, Steven learns that his father is called back to Germany to testify against a concentration camp guard. Over the course of the next several years, Steven learns what life was like for his father in the concentration camp while at the same time trying to please his father by becoming a football player.
In 2008, the company Tracy worked for was hiring six figure executives instead of downsizing. Three years later Tracy finds herself being downsized. She drives Highway 200 back to Idaho to turn in her keys back at the corporate office, Tracy finds herself having a conversation with a Montana State Highway patrolman after being pulled over for speeding.
Caitlin Hofmeister dreams of becoming a film-maker like Kelly Reichardt. She works with a producer named Neil Kopp on a film called Wendy and Lucy. She moves to Missoula, MT to go to film school then lands a job on a YouTube channel, eventually producing Sci Show, still thinking that it was not a real job, and that she is not working her dream job. She discovers that Sci Show is in fact a real job and that dream jobs reveal themselves when the time is right.