Meet the Sponsors of Tell Us Something

Tell Us Something will occasionally interview some of our sponsors. Learn more about Tell Us Something’s sponsors and the amazing things that they are up to.

I worked with the team at Gecko Designs to rethink the Tell Us Something website back in 2017 and they have been providing hosting and routine maintenance for the website ever since. Join head honcha Melissa Kaplan and me for an in-depth vist about Gecko Designs, the Tell Us Something experience, and telling a story on the Tell Us Something stage. After our conversation, you can hear the story as she shared it with her husband and head honcho of Gecko Designs, Gabriel Silverman.
When Molly decided to share her story at Tell Us Something, she also extended an offer of in-kind sponsorship to Tell Us Something. Molly is the CEO of Gatherboard. The site tells us that Molly Bradford has been involved in sales and marketing in the greater-Missoula area for nearly 15 years, working with 500+ small businesses on successful marketing and advertising strategies. Through her roles at local businesses and on local volunteer boards, she has delicately guided customers, and even her employers, through grand openings, moves, promotional events, sales and closures. Since coming on board as co-owner of Gatherboard with Colin Hickey in 2009 Molly has co-created GatherBoard and upped the bottom line over 600%. Molly offered Tell Us Something a great in-kind sponsorship opportunity: a month before each Tell Us Something live event, advertising on and indoor ads through the Missoula Indoor Ads company that is part of the Gatherboard family. Molly joins me today to chat about the exciting new service that Gatherboard is working on: CheddarBoard!