“You Are A Stupid, Naked Boy”

After being humiliated by a local where he was sunbathing in a strange place:  on the ground next to a dusty Nigerian cross-roads market, David Allan Cates opens a novel for the first time and falls in love with the form.

David Allan Cates is the author of five novels, most recently Tom Connor’s Gift, and a collection of poetry. For 18 years he’s worked as a Spanish interpreter and director of Missoula Medical Aid, a local nonprofit that sends groups of medical professionals to provide public health and surgery services in Honduras. Learn more about David and his work at davidallancates.com

This episode of Tell Us Something was recorded in front of a live audience on September 20, 2016, at The Wilma in Missoula, MT. 11 storytellers shared their story. The theme was Fork in the Road”.

Today’s podcast comes to us from David Allan Cates and is titled “You Are A Stupid, Naked Boy”. Thank you for listening.