, “You Stole My Bike!”

A stolen road bike leads Gabriel Silverman & his then girlfriend Melissa Kaplan embark on their own little episode of Cops to reclaim the goods.

Melissa Kaplan Silverman & Gabriel Silverman met in Chicago in 2005.  Gabriel grew up in Missoula and enjoys all forms of biking and skiing, building shit with his hands and creating world-class websites.  Melissa is a Detroit-born Missoulian-at-heart who enjoys running, baking, and raising their 2 young sons.  Together, Melissa and Gabriel run a graphic design and marketing firm.  Tugboat, their Golden Retriever, can be seen sunbathing in the glass window of their office on Higgins.

This episode of Tell Us Something was recorded in front of a live audience on August 6, 2016, at The PEAS Farm in Missoula, MT. 7 storytellers shared their story. We tried something a little different at this event. Two people shared the same story on the theme “That’s Not How it Happened”. They told the story TOGETHER, at the same time.

Today’s podcast comes to us from Melissa Kaplan Silverman & Gabriel Silverman and is titled “You Stole My Bike!”. Thank you for listening.