Delany Wascherol is 17 years old and on the precipice of womanhood as she contemplates jumping off a cliff in Utah with some badass women. She calls her story “Testing Gravity”.

Delany Wascherol - “Testing Gravity”

Delany Wascherol is an avid volunteer of many Missoula nonprofits, a backpacking enthusiast, an artist and a self-identified cool girl.

A merit badge in canoeing doesn’t help John Schneeberger on the Lochsa River and he ends up on the wrong side of the river with a friend and his 4-year-old son. John calls his story “Down the Lochsa in a Canoe”.

John Schneeberger lives in the Bitterroot with his wife of 35 years, Karen Coombs. He is employed providing small business assistance with the local economic development authority. He has three adult children who are all splendid human beings. He is often politically active, likes hiking, skiing and doing landscape pastel paintings.

Denise Baker risked her comfortable retirement by facing her daughter’s drug addiction and assuming the responsibility for her daughter’s children. She calls her story “Child of Mine”. Denise Baker is not the storyteller’s real name. She’s asked us to use a pseudonym to protect her daughter’s privacy, which is why there is no photo and we are not posting her bio. The kiddos are happy and healthy, exuberant and curious.

Nerma Dobričanin, fresh off the plane from Rožaje, Montenegro, is disoriented by her surroundings in Missoula. Feeling lonely and hungry, she finds a friend who helps her adapt. Nerma calls her story “Resident Evil Fairy Tale” or “Salvation in Missoula”.

Nerma Dobričanin - "Resident Evil Fairy Tale" or “Salvation in Missoula”

Nerma Dobričanin is a mother of two little girls and a teacher at the Secondary Vocational School in her hometown of Rožaje, Montenegro. Nerma has been teaching English for eleven years. She loves to play volleyball and is passionate about traveling. One of her childhood dreams has been to visit the United States which will has finally come true with the Study of the U. S. Institute on Secondary Education.