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Welcome to Tell Us Something. All of the stories are shared live and without notes. We hope you enjoy.

Getting lost in Saint Louis on the way home from the airport, noticing a potential safety hazard on set and pointing it out to the creative director & missing a phone call are all reasons to get fired from a job in the late 1990’s Hollywood. Mike Steinberg recounts the details surrounding each one of these incidents reflecting on the true meaning of film making.
Jill’s Bronco driving friend is a bad influence. She convinces Jill to engage in an herbal adult activity that is becoming increasingly legal. They get caught when Jen thinks she's having a heart attack during the smoking event. The paramedics arrive. One lie leads to another. Jill must then talk to her hyper vigilant father about what happened.
Josh Slotnick is a vegetable farmer. He remembers the night in 2000 that the Hells Angles arrive in Missoula. The same night the North Hills catch fire. Downtown Missoula is overcome with out of town cops in riot gear. The Rainbow Gathering folks are in town as well. Missoula fills with smoke from wildland forest fires.
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