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A woman accidentally points a gun at Jim Beyer in a rough biker bar in the 1970s of Missoula when she tries to defend herself against a brutal attack from another guy in the bar.
Jim Beyer - “I Used to be Cool”

Jim Beyer has ridden motorcycles in Missoula for over 40 years. He says “I used to be cool, now I am  cliche”.

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Caroline Caldwell is a shepherd in The Falkland Islands when she is invited on a debauchery filled Christmas celebration that lasts for days. Riding her horse through town and drinking excessively with the locals, she didn’t tell Mom about this one until after it happened.

Caroline Caldwell - "A Faulking Good Christmas Story"

Raised in the midwest, Caroline Caldwell headed up to Maine for college and never looked back. After graduation she was granted a Watson Fellowship, which allowed her to travel to the far ends of the earth to work on sheep and cattle ranches in remote places and extreme environments. After her return to the states, she continued ranching and traveling stateside, until she found her perfect fit with Oxbow Cattle Company in Missoula, and is happy to call Montana home.

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Heidi West grew up in Germany and watched the Berlin Wall come down. She shares her story about the after-effects of the wall falling and how that forced her and her family to flee Germany.

Heidi West - “Heimgang or, (Going Home)"

In 2009, after a long drive from Stillwater, Oklahoma, Heidi West found home in Missoula’s Northside neighborhood. She raises food and a family, turns pots at the Clay Studio of Missoula, and is immersed in an extensive reinvention of the family’s 1900 house. Heidi develops permanently affordable housing with the North Missoula Community Development Corporation and also holds elected office as Ward 1 City Council Representative. Heidi has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Studio Art with minors in German and Horticulture as well as a Master of Science in Plant and Soil Science, all from Oklahoma State University.

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Brad Lane happens on a funk music festival while he is hiking the Pacific Coast Trail.

Brad Lane - "The Trail Provides"

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Brad Lane recently moved to Missoula from Iowa. He has had residencies in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and the Cascades of Washington. He moved to Montana because he wanted to live in the Rockies. His career in freelance writing made Missoula seem like the right place. You can find more of Brad’s work and other adventures at BradLaneWriting.com.