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After living as an exchange student in Paraguay and meeting her host family’s nephew, Raphael, Jane Doherty loses track of her love for years. All of that changes one afternoon with the arrival of a blue airmail letter in her NYC apartment mailbox. Jane calls her story “Blue Airmail Letter or International Exchange, Paraguayan Style”.

Jane Doherty was born in Southeast England and emigrated to the Philadelphia suburbs with her family when she was ten.

She went to college in New York City and went on teach in public schools there for fifteen years. She moved to Missoula in 2012 and teaches second grade Spanish Immersion at Paxson Elementary.

Our next story comes to us from Ellie Costello. Ellie has a recurring dream in which she hears a man’s voice giving her a disturbing message. Later, that voice manifests into reality on a Montana forest service road late one night. Ellie calls her story “Nobody to Witness”.

Ellie Costello has lived and worked in Montana since 2009. Her love of this place is gradually morphing her into every Missoula cliche: grad student, yoga teacher, distillery cocktailer, distance runner, injured distance runner, small-business owner, nonprofit staffer, farmer, and baker, but not a candlestick maker, fly fisherman, or clay artist…yet. Currently, she is the Director of the MUD Project where she works with a handful of kind and badass Tool Librarians.

Marc Moss is a die-hard Bruce Springsteen fan living in Gardiner Montana when Bruce gets the E Street Band back together for a world tour. The closest they come to Gardiner is Fargo North Dakota, and Marc is determined to see the show. He calls his story “Land of Hope and Dreams”.

Marc Moss is the director and founder of Tell Us Something.  He grew up near Akron, OH and moved to Montana via Yellowstone National Park in 1997. He landed in Missoula in 2003 and has been helping people get their stories heard at Tell Us Something since 2011.

Our final story comes to us from Kat Werner. Kat came to The United States as a German exchange student and is placed in Yankton, SD where she gets a true picture of ‘Merica! She calls her story “Welcome to the Heartland”.

Kat is an immigrant from Germany and proudly represents her country’s stereotypes: She loves being on time and will tell you what she thinks whether you asked for it or not. Kat is an experienced globetrotter and you will find her adventuring and fighting for positive social change both in Montana and around the world.