The Things We Carry

Tell Us Something brings live storytelling onOctober 9, 2014. Storytellers will share their true personal story without notes on the theme “The Things We Carry”.

Tell Us Something awakens imagination, empowers storytellers and connects the Missoula community through the transformative power of personal storytelling. It is a celebration of each other, our stories and how we move through the world together. All of the stories at Tell Us Something are true.

Doors at 6PM, storytelling begins at 7PM. Your community, your stories.

Jeremy Smith shares his story "Always, Only, At Least". Finally arriving in London to be with his girlfriend after a long-distance relationship, Jeremy instead takes the train to Amsterdam for an extravagant formal dinner. Over the course of the next year he cooks all over the world, memorizing portions of Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking by Marcella Hazan.
Michael LaPoint shares his story "What Business do you Have With Mario?” or “Get This Kid a Cannoli". Michael lives in Greenpont in Brooklyn, NY. He rents from Mario Fortunato, and a mysterious delivery to the Fortunato Brothers Cafe gets him a cannoli as payment.