Drinking and smoking her way through her twenties in Missoula, Montana after she retired from her career as a Hotshot in the Forest Service, Debbie meets the bass player in The Tom Catmull Band who shows her around Missoula and re-introduces her to herself. They end up working at Honey Teriyaki together, falling in love and re-discovering her roar.

Debbie Hirshberg enjoys spending time with her family, whether in the woods or around the house. If she could have any job, she would be a master garden. She also enjoys knitting, making fresh jam and recently ran her first marathon. You’ll find her during the weekdays enjoying her profession in public health, working as a passionate team member for the Missoula WIC program.

This edition of Tell Us Something was recorded on July 25, 2015 at the PEAS Farm in Missoula, MT.  Debbie’s story is titled “Roar”. Thank you for listening.