“Supporting the Dream of a Young Father” (or) “It Takes a Village”

Ethan Siegel arrived in Missoula 8 years ago and has spent the last 4 winters in Costa Rica, returning to Missoula each summertime to scramble eggs at the farmers market, double Dutch in the Old Post parking lot, and splash around in the Clark Fork river.

At a very young age Ethan has a dream of being a father. He loved how kids are so present and that they love him for being silly. He meets a woman in Chicago who has a child. The marriage goes sour, but Ethan sticks it out. For a while. The courts get involved. Then the Missoula community steps in and helps Ethan out in ways he never expected.

This edition of Tell Us Something was recorded on December 16th, 2014 at the Top Hat Lounge in Missoula, MT. The theme was “These Dreams”.  Ethan’s story is called “Supporting the Dream of a Young Father (or) It Takes a Village”.