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Our first story comes to us from Mignon Hess, who is is a boxer in Kalispell Montana when a horrific storm destroys the boxing club where she used to box. She calls her story “Boxing in the Floodplains”.

Mignon Hess - “Boxing in the Floodplains” photo by KMR Studios

Mignon Hess is a 46-yr-old retired engineer. She enjoys House Hunters international, hockey and Biga Pizza. She loves Missoula’s roundabouts and wishes she was two inches taller.

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Shawn Faiella’s Hot Shot crew is on a fire in Nevada when every firefighter’s worst nightmare happens. Shawn calls his story “Lolo Hotshot Justin Beebe and the story of August 13, 2016”.

Shawn Faiella - “Lolo Hotshot Justin Beebe and the story of August 13, 2016” photo by KMR Studios

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Shawn Faiella is the Assistant Superintendent of the Lolo Hotshots. View Justin’s memorial page here.

Allison James’ husband gains a pound and their friend Ryan loses a pound when Allison’s husband accepts a donated kidney. Allison calls her story “The Closest Match”.

Alison James - “The Closest Match” photo by KMR Studios

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Alison James is a life-long and devoted Montanan. She lives in Missoula, where she spends a lot of time working on conservation and reproductive rights. She loves hiking, good beer, and adventuring with family and friends. She has mixed feelings about water chestnuts, e-books, and Christmas.

Anna Haslund navigates the dating world and has some surprising experiences as a deaf woman dating a hearing man. Anna calls her story “Hopeless Romantic”. Note that Anna is profoundly deaf. Her story is voiced by an interpreter.

Anna Haslund - “Hopeless Romantic” photo by KMR Studios

Watch Anna’s story.

Anna Haslund is from Seattle WA. She is a very free spirit and a very kind person. She loves being a dancer.

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Inspirational Story – Best Friends Anna and Erika

This is a story about how Anna’s life was saved in an amazing way. She was getting bullied by 3 hearing cheerleaders, and this hearing girl, Erika, stood up for Anna and told them to stop. Now, they've been best friends for 10 years! <3#JourneyBySVRS SVRS

Posted by Seek the World on Wednesday, January 9, 2019