“Jitterbug is an Emergency”

This edition of Tell Us Something was recorded on August 19th, 2014 at the Top Hat Lounge in Missoula, MT. The theme was “Busted!”.

Courtney Blakely-Shields shares her story “Jitterbug is an Emergency”. Courtney, a Missoula police officer, stops by the bar while on break but on shift, and is asked to dance by a drunk man. She ends up dancing, but not with Julian, the drunk.

Courtney Blakely-Shields started her life in South Carolina, and spent time in Saudi Arabia then Santa Fe, NM.  She moved here from Bellingham, WA in 1998 to attend the University and play Lady Griz Soccer.  After college and a fun soccer career her love for Missoula kept her here.  She has acquired great friends and been blessed with a loving family insuring her address with always be in Montana. She and her husband Curt are employed as public servants, which has opened their eyes to what happens behind the scenes in this lovely town.   She hopes to raise her son to love fly-fishing as much as his Ma and to love being a Cowboy as much as his Pa does.