About Tell Us Something True Stories Shared Live

Tell Us Something is a celebration of storytelling, of the community, and of each other.

Tell Us Something is a live storytelling event based in Missoula, MT. Tell Us Something inspires more understanding, acceptance, and empathy within our community. Each event features 7-8 storytellers from the local community sharing their true personal stories from memory and without notes.

Tell Us Something is a 501(c)3. EIN: 38-4203249

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Marc Moss produces a podcast of those stories which can be found wherever you get your podcasts.

Tell Us Something live events have expanded to Helena, MT and Butte, America.

Marc teaches storytelling in the Missoula County Public Schools as part of Spark!

Tell Us Something awakens imagination, empowers storytellers and connects the community through the transformative power of personal storytelling. It is a celebration of each other, our stories and how we move through the world together. All of the stories at Tell Us Something are true.  Stories last for 10 minutes and are told from memory. Everyone is welcome to tell a story. There is a theme for each event.

Tell Us Something is:

Marc Moss - Executive Director

Founder, Executive Director, Acting Board Chair


You can listen to Marc’s Tell Us Something stories here.

Spencer Bradford - Board Chair

Spencer Bradford was born in the Salem, Massachusetts hospital around the time of the Watergate scandal. He grew up in a magical era of mostly unsupervised fun, often on and around the waters of New England piloting sail and power boats.

After being introduced to rock climbing and music, he spent as much time in the mountains and attending concerts as possible. Big mountains, rivers, and activism drew his dumb young self west to Olympia, Washington. The colder, less rainy climate and taciturn character of old Montana clicked with him, and he landed in Missoula full-time in 1994.

Over the years, he’s had jobs as varied as television producer/director, early-ish craft brewery brand manager, and a research station lab and facilities manager. He’s also worked as an avalanche educator, artisanal baker, concert organizer/stagehand, brand ambassador, copywriter, EMT, web designer, and presided over a few non-profit boards.

He likes citizen science, snow, the northern lights, clean big water, and great stories. He loves his family, who mostly tolerate and forgive him for some perverse ideas about what constitutes “fun.”

Crissy Laubach - Board Treasurer

Crissy Laubach hails from the eastern side of the state, but has called Missoula home off and on for more than 14 years.  She is currently the Director of Finance and Personnel for the College of Business.  While Crissy might spend her work days crunching numbers, the arts have always held special significance for her.   

In her downtime, you can find Crissy paddleboarding, enjoying a good cup of coffee, cuddling with her cat while reading and procrastinating on her children’s book.

Taylor Burby - Secretary

A graduate of the University of Oregon’s folklore and public culture master’s program and previous intern with the Oregon Folklife Network, Taylor works with the Montana Arts Council and the Bear River Heritage Area on a contract basis to collect, interpret, and promote traditional arts, crafts, and folkways in Montana and Utah, respectively. Through her work, she has the opportunity not only to witness how others navigate life through their craft but through their personal stories.

Taylor spent her first experience at a Tell Us Something event crying about a liver, a hawk, and an aging apple. After the event ended and the folding chairs were packed away, Taylor left and–for weeks–no one could get her to stop talking about it; she was hooked. Today, she is happy to bring her experience working as a public folklorist to Tell Us Something as their programming committee chair.

When not hanging posters for events, she is probably playing Wordle, foraging for mushrooms, or, on a truly special day, taking a trip.

Jason Forges - Member At Large

Jason Forges is a community member that focuses on finding avenues to be open, authentic, and artistic. Jason’s goal is to create an entity titled Appreciate C.O.L.O.R that will leverage the arts to promote meaningful perspectives while provoking thought and encouraging actionable steps with himself and others.

Jason shared a story at Tell Us Something in March of 2019. His story is called “You Can’t be Curious and Angry at the Same Time”