“Interview and Jenny's Story 'Getting TIPSEE'”

Today, I talked with Jenny Buchman Phelps by phone. Jenny Buchman Phelps was born and raised in East Helena, Montana. As a young woman she headed west, like the gold prospectors before her, and settled in Helena. Jenny has been doing hair and listening to stories for 11 years. She lives with her husband Colin, daughters Graycen and Grier, and her dog Lane.

We chatted about life during a pandemic, about storytelling and about how the meaning of a story can change over time, revealing itself with a new perspective. And we talked a lot about white privilege, and how we often don’t even realize that we have privilege. Come sit down with us and listen to our conversation.

She told a story in front of a live audience on May 9, 2019 at The Myrna Loy in Helena, MT. The theme that night was “Getting Away With It”.
When I sat down with Ibrahin, we talked about life in Venezuela, his experience with racism there, and in Europe, when he was traveling. We compared that to his experience with racism here in the United States, talked about his experience with the police in Missoula, Montana and he shares his message of love with us.

Jenny’s story, which I play after the interview, is calledd “Getting TIPSEE”.