“An Auction Saved Her Life”

This edition of Tell Us Something was recorded on December 3rd, 2013 at the Top Hat Lounge in Missoula, MT. The theme was “Promises”.

Andrea Davis shares her story “An Auction Saved Her Life”.  A week’s rental in Baja with her husband allows Andrea the opportunity to save someone’s life.

Andrea Davis is from the Flathead Valley, a University of Montana Alumni, and has been working to secure affordable housing in Montana since 2001 when she started at Homeword where she is now the Director. Andrea, husband Denison and faithful dog companion Gil have many adventures together including creating the Altoona Ridge Lodge – a backcountry get away in the Flint Creek Mountains of Montana.  She loves all sorts of adventures. That includes making herself uncomfortable from time to time by standing on stage and telling a story.  Andrea has called Missoula her home since the late 90’s.