“A Sister Story”


This special edition of Tell us Something in conjunction with the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival was recorded on February 19, 2013 at Monks. The theme was “Ten” in honor of the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival’s 10th anniversary.

Katy-Robin Garton shares her story “A Sister Story”. Katy-Robin Garton bickers with her sister about who must empty the poop or the pee bag as they hike up Denali, 14,00 feet above where they began. They make a decision about turning back or moving on after an unexpected storm.

Katy-Robin Garton is a documentary filmmaker chasing stories around the globe, but bases her production company Sprout Films here in Montana. She is self proclaimed cliché Montana girl, driving a Subaru round town, running her dog on local hills, and drinking bloody mary’s at snowbowls last run inn. I asked a spitfire friend of mine what he would say, he wrote, Katy rips down mountains on skis faster than most dudes, can handle more shots of whiskey, but if she sees a snake she’ll jump 20 feet high.

Learn more about Katy at Sprout Films.