“Give Us This Day”

Brian Marsh helps 67 musicians from the Hellgate High School Wind Ensemble carry their instruments onto the stage at Carnegie Hall as 1 of 6 schools in America in NYC performing in the Wind Band Festival. The performance was for Brian an experience of healing, an experience of growth and magic. They performed David Maslanka’s “Give Us This Day”, and the previous years’ difficulty was somehow made worth it in that moment. 

Brian Marsh is a wanderer and a wonderer, a drummer and a dreamer, an irreverent ir-reverend who grew up in Orange County, CA. He and his family escaped from “behind the Orange Curtain” for grad school back east. They returned to CA in time for the “Schwarzenegger Total Recall” election then left before the “Schwarzenegger Total Collapse” for sweet relief in Missoula, where they’ve resided for the last 10 years. As Jeff Tweedy from Wilco once sang, he is currently ‘positively unemployed’ wondering where life will lead next. 

This edition of Tell Us Something was recorded on July 25, 2015 at the PEAS Farm in Missoula, MT.  Brain’s story is titled “Give Us This Day”. Thank you for listening.