“AKA: Angus Jocko Ferguson”

This edition of Tell Us Something was recorded on August 19th, 2014 at the Top Hat Lounge in Missoula, MT. The theme was “Busted!”.

Reid Reimers shares his story “AKA: Angus Jocko Ferguson”.  Reid is on a rescue mission to Great Falls to rescue his roommate, Angus Jocko Ferguson from jail.

Reid Reimers is a Missoula native who graduated with a Masters in Theatre from the University of Montana. In the last ten years he has been an expressive arts educator working with thousands of kids across the country and has acted in dozens of local productions.  A self-proclaimed “Montucky Vagabond”, Reid has traveled extensively overseas on small-budget independent trips, often finding adventure and insights in the most unlikely of places.

An update on Angus Jocko Ferguson!

“He strolled into the police station in Chelsea on Jan. 4 wearing a Harvard sweatshirt, a “Wounded Warrior” cap and military dog tags dangling from his neck. He said he was Jeremiah Asimov-Beckingham, a veteran of Afghanistan, wounded in combat, now working as an executive for an airline. He had come to the station to pick up his car.

His new BMW had been impounded, he believed, as evidence in a random crime. But it was a ploy. The police were hoping to lure a man suspected of forging checks in Cambridge, Mass., to steal $70,000 and the BMW, which they had tracked to a Manhattan garage. They put Mr. Asimov-Beckingham in handcuffs and charged him with larceny.”

— –New York Times, February, 2016

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