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Welcome to Tell Us Something. All of the stories are shared live and without notes. We hope you enjoy.

Some college students move into Karen's neighborhood causing consternation to her. She worries that they will disrupt the neighborhood made up mostly of families. Instead, they introduce themselves, become friends with her kids and "throw disc" with them whenever they can.
Brian Marsh helps 67 musicians from the Hellgate High School Wind Ensemble carry their instruments onto the stage at Carnegie Hall as 1 of 6 schools in America in NYC performing in the Wind Band Festival. The performance was for Brian an experience of healing, an experience of growth and magic. They performed David Maslanka's "Give Us This Day", and the previous years' difficulty was somehow made worth it in that moment.
Stephanie Wing's love affair with The Wizard of Oz becomes personified in her life when she attempts to go to a different place than the one she was in. She lives on the prairie in Aurora, CO in the 80s. Her dad teaches her how to fight. It was years later that she was finally able to find the good in her father.
16 year old Emily Johnon struggles with aneorexia during her tenure at a Catholic high school in California when she has her first hard alcohol at a party with Dakota Fanning. Ms Fanning offers Emily her first cigerette. Emily breaks the fourth wall by asking Ms. Fanning about her best friend Kristin's dating habits. All of this is contrasted with her first experiences in Missoula, Montana where she now makes her home and makes people laugh with her stand up comedy.
Barbara Bartmess is a single mother with three girls in 1979 when she meets Jim. After a whirwind romance, they marry. Their honeymoon in Twin Lakes, CO begins with a rainy hike in an area Jim had not been in a long while. This misadventure is the first of many in the beginning of their marriage, which has lasted 36 years.
Drinking and smoking her way through her twenties in Missoula, Montana after she retired from her career as a Hotshot in the Forest Service, Debbie meets the bass player in The Tom Catmull Band who shows her around Missoula and re-introduces her to herself. They end up working at Honey Teriyaki together, falling in love and re-discovering her roar.