Stories - True Stories Shared Live

Welcome to Tell Us Something. All of the stories are shared live and without notes. We hope you enjoy.

Georges de Giorgio shares his story "Waiting for His Majesty’s Royal Reprimand". It’s 1947 and Georges is in Antarctica, 17 years old, George V’s ships to come and tell them they were not welcome in the Falklands. Admiral Bird, Georges' captain, forbade liquor on board, so Georges and his 20 year old female partner in crime commandeer a small wooden dingy and are offered Scotch by the British sailors. His Majesty’s ship Fitzroy.
Bing Crosby spends time in Butte, MT to fish and get away from the spotlight fame brought him in the 1940s and 50s. He is mis-recognized by a pedestrian on the street. Bing then shares a story with Pat about Blue the Bear in the Jungle Book (Phil Harris) and drinking whiskey.