March 29 - Wilma - "Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me?"

 May 26 - Free Ceramics in Helena, MT - "Busted!" [ROSTER FULL]

June 22 - The Wilma - "Bad Advice" [ROSTER FULL]

August 6th - PEAS Farm - "THAT'S NOT HOW IT HAPPENED" - This is an alcohol free event. This event is duo storytelling: 5 duos have 10 minutes to share their story. [ROSTER FULL]

September 20 - The Wilma - "Fork in the Road" [ROSTER FULL]

December 13 - The Wilma - "The Unlikeliest of Places" [ROSTER FULL]

Thank you for your support of live storytelling in Missoula & your desire to share your story.  YOUR STORY MATTERS!





 "Fixing Windmills" or "Saying Goodbye to Dad"

David Mills-Low shares his story "Fixing Windmills" or "Saying Goodbye to Dad".
David is blessed with a moment of stillness when the car he is driving breaks down on Bozeman Pass.  He has the chance to remember his recently deceased father during a time of great craziness.


The most beautiful girl in the world is Ann Crosby, and Jeremy Smith tells the story of how he came to hear her story, instead of only being blinded by her beauty.


Beau Lamb shares his story "Ricco". Snowboarding, Janes Addiction and skateboarding are the things that bind a friendship with Ricco Von Schmekle.  That, and $80 sheets of LSD are what it takes to build a family.