What Does *YOUR* Podcast Feed Look Like?

Listening to podcasts isn’t something that I can do when I’m working in the office, and there’s been a lot of that so far this month.  I’m way behind on my podcasts. As I prepare to head out for a walk, I fired up the iPod to select a podcast and thought I should share what I subscribe to.

I decided on Story Story Night, as they are out of Boisie and are similar to what Tell Us Something does. I like seeing how others do it.

The rest of my podcast subscriptions are below. at podcasts do you subscribe to? Let us know in the comments or upload a screenshot.

  • Benjamen Walker’s The Theory of Everything
  • Stories Unbound
  • Silk Road Storytelling
  • The Lapse Storytelling Podcast
  • State of the Human
  • Porchlight Storytelling
  • Tell Us Something (of course)
  • Story Story Night
  • Love + Radio
  • Snap Judgement
  • The Moth Podcast
  • Serial
  • Arctic Entries
  • The Story Collider
  • True Story
  • Last Best Stories
  • Risk!
  • Spillit Memphis
  • TED Talks
  • This American Life
  • Radiolab


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