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The image is a poster featuring meadowlarks and flowers along with text promoting a live storytelling event on the theme "GOING HOME" presented by Tell Us Something and Missoula Pride. The event is scheduled for June 11, 2024, at 7:00 PM at the Glacier Ice Rink Pavilion. For tickets and more information, visit tellussomething.org. Artwork by Kate Radloff.

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Storytellers are selected and we are beginning the storytelling workshopping process. This Pride Month, join us for an unforgettable evening of stories that explore the true meaning of “Going Home.” Missoula Pride and Tell Us Something are teaming up to bring you a night of powerful personal narratives, all centered on the theme of finding belonging.

Get your tickets today and be part of a night that will connect, uplift, and inspire!

Limited seats available.

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The image features text that reads "THANK YOU! TELL US SOMETHING. YOUR STORY MATTERS." The setting includes outdoor elements like grass, sky, clouds, trees, plants, mountains, and hills, creating a natural landscape backdrop. There is a graphic of a flying bee.

Missoula Gives Recap

Thank you to all of our generous donors during this year’s Missoula Gives. 37 of you gave a total of $2,905. Thanks so much! It will go a long way as we are paying the bills while we prepare for the June 11th event at The Glacier Ice Rink and Pavilion.

The image is a collage featuring 3 women's portraits and a man's as part of a live storytelling event theme titled "Close to the Edge." The individuals in the image are Traci Sylte, Ren Parker, Mark Matthews, and Kat Werner. The event took place on Tuesday, March 26 at 7 PM at The Dennison & Theatre. The artwork was done by Linds Sanders. Photos by kmr studios

New Podcast Episodes

As I type this, I am hoping to have part 2 of the March “Close to the Edge” show completed by the time you read this (or sometime close!). Meanwhile, you can listen to part 1 here.

Alumni Spotlight

Tell Us Something storytelling alumni do really cool things outside of sharing their stories at Tell Us Something. So many things that we’re starting to lose track of them. And we want to share those cool things with you! So, in this month’s newsletter, we’re introducing a feature that highlights some of the cool things Tell Us Something storytellers are doing.

The image shows a person speaking into a microphone outdoors under the sky. They are standing and wearing blue trousers, a purple shirt and a teal jacket while speaking into a microphone. The photo was taken by KMR Studios.

Barron Peper shared his story at the inaugural Missoula Pride/Tell Us Something collaboration in 2023. You can watch his story here. He’s a founding member of ProHousing Missoula, a coalition that’s trying to make housing affordable for all.

“Coalition members say now, more than ever, is the perfect time for residents to voice their opinions on what changes need to be made for housing” –KPAX News

Learn more about ProHousing Missoula over @ KPAX: ProHousing Missoula hosts launch party (kpax.com)


The image shows a man holding onto a wooden beam. The man is wearing a dress shirt and a tie, standing indoors against a wall.Jeremy N. Smith is actually one of the reasons Tell Us Something exists. He organized and produced the first in-person storytelling event I ever attended: Eat Our Words, up at The PEAS Farm back in the early 2000s. He shared a story at the very first Tell Us Something event and has been welcomed on our stage three times. His books are great, and I really love the podcast that he did with his daughter Rasa. He’s featured in this month’s newsletter because he recently launched a coaching and consulting business. Having worked with him in this sphere, I’m grateful for his objectivity and insights. If you’re exploring personal or business coaching, give Jeremy a chance.



The image depicts a woman singing into a microphone. She is standing indoors. The woman is wearing red clothing, and the scene conveys a sense of entertainment and performance art. Photo by kmr studios.Margi Cates was on KFGM a while back and I heard her say that she’ll be performing on May 30th at The Union Club. If you enjoy beautiful singing, you’ll want to mark your calendars for this. You can listen to her story here.





The image shows a woman posing outdoors with her dog in the mountains.Since we featured a Tell Us Something artist in the last newsletter, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Kate Radloff this month. She created the artwork for the upcoming Tell Us Something/Missoula Pride collaborative storytelling event on June 11th. She’s an artist in residence for Open Air at Travelers Rest State Park and is an all-around amazing human. I met her at Missoula Made Fair in 2023 and fell in love with her art. I knew I wanted her to be a Tell Us Something poster artist one day.

Check out what she’s up to (with a link to her website):  Kate Radloff — Open AIR (openairmt.org)

Are you a Tell Us Something storytelling alumni? Got something cool coming up you want us to feature in the newsletter? Drop us an email to let us know.

The photo shows a person standing on a stage holding a microphone and standing on grass. The background includes a clear sky and a depiction of the man on a large screen behind him. The image was taken by kmr studios.

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You’ll want to get your tickets for the next Tell Us Something event, in partnership with Missoula Pride soon. The theme is “Going Home”. 

the image shows a pill shaped green button with the text "GET TICKETS"

Thanks for reading. Have a story worthy day,

The image is of a man wearing a fedora hat and a vest. He is sitting on stairs near a stage. photo by kmr studios.Marc Moss

Executive Director

Tell Us Something

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