Storytelling on the Edge: Share Your Moment & Win Tickets!

Patches of vegetation poke out from snow covered earth in the foreground. An inversion dominates the background. 📷 Marc Moss

February can be a tough month in Missoula

Gray skies, blustery wind, unpredictable weather. In the dead of winter, a harbinger of spring for me is always my favorite Missoula event. Well, besides Tell Us Something, of course! The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival is where I met many of my friends when I first moved to Missoula back in 2003 as a volunteer at BSDFF. I volunteered there for 7 solid years, sometimes as much as 90- hours/week, and fell in love with documentary film storytelling. I’m sure I’ll see some of you there this year, and look forward to seeing you again in March for the spring Tell Us Something event.

This month in the newsletter: Final call for storytellers, get your tickets, Stewardship ticket info, call for Board members, meet the poster artist and the soundtrack to Tell Us Something. Read time: about 4 minutes.

An abstract, grey-toned painting depicts a man with antlers standing on a roof, inviting viewers to decipher its symbolism and hidden narrative. AI prompt by Marc Moss. Image generated by Bard.Final Call for Storytellers

Have you ever danced on the precipice, heart pounding, exhilaration battling terror? Share your “Close to the Edge” moment! We’re searching for true, unscripted stories – the near misses, the triumphs, the tumbles that redefined your limits. Whether it’s scaling a mountain, facing down a fear, or confronting a life-altering truth, your vulnerability could spark connection, ignite courage, and remind us all that we’re more than we think. This isn’t about perfection, it’s about the raw, the real, the uniquely you.

Dare to bare your soul and touch the hearts of others. Pitch your story now and tell your “Close to the Edge” story. The stage awaits.

The pitch deadline is February 17th, 2024.

Pitch by calling 406-203-4683. As always, our Deaf friends can pitch by emailing [email protected]


Join us on March 26 for another incredible evening of live storytelling. This time around the theme is “Close to the Edge”. Connect with your neighbors, and be swept away by the captivating, mesmerizing stories of the Missoula community. This is more than an event – it’s a shared experience that sparks curiosity, fosters understanding, and ignites your cultural spirit. Don’t miss out! Secure your tickets now and embark on a journey that is close to the edge.


Nominate Beneficiaries for the Ticket Stewardship Program

Do you know someone whose life could be brightened by an unforgettable experience? Is there a local hero who deserves a night of magic, a student with a passion to ignite, or a family facing tough times needing a moment of joy? If so, nominate them for our free ticket program!

We’re searching for individuals and organizations who would be truly impacted by attending Tell Us Something. Tell us their story, share their passion, and help us bring the gift of live storytelling to someone truly deserving. Nominations close March 1st, so don’t delay! Share the light and open the door to an experience they’ll never forget. Send us an email to suggest beneficiaries of our Stewardship Program.

10 empty chairs are arranged around a conference table. Several togo coffee cups are placed on the table along with some books. A wintery mountain scene can be seen out the room's window. A landscape painting hangs on the wall. AI prompt by Marc Moss. Image generated by Bard.

Call for Board Members

As Tell Us Something continues to grow, we need enthusiastic community members to help us on our journey. Are you a passionate leader with seasoned board experience, ready to participate beyond being a storyteller, an audience member and/or a donor? Join our team at Tell Us Something! We’re seeking experienced individuals to join our board and guide us to even greater heights. Share your wisdom, lend your expertise, and be part of something truly special. Together, we can shape the future and make a lasting difference. Contact us today to answer the call!

5 Reasons to Join the Tell Us Something Board
  1. Make a tangible difference: Though Tell Us Something has been around as an organization for 13 years, we are still a developing nonprofit. Your service on our Board can help us solidify systems to allow us to continue growing and making a lasting impact on our community through the power of storytelling.
  2. Network with passionate individuals: Connect with like-minded professionals and community leaders who share your values and dedication. This can lead to fruitful collaborations, friendships, and new career opportunities.
  3. Contribute your unique expertise: Share your professional skills and experience to benefit the organization. Whether it’s legal advice, marketing expertise, or financial acumen, your contributions can make a significant difference.
  4. Personal growth and fulfillment: Taking on new responsibilities fosters personal growth and self-confidence. Seeing the positive impact of your efforts can be a great source of personal satisfaction.
  5. Have fun and make a difference: Board service can be an enjoyable and enriching experience. You’ll learn, grow, connect with others, and contribute to a cause you care about, all while having fun and making a positive impact.

Tell Us Something storytelling alum Linds Sanders designed our Spring 2024 poster on the theme “Close to the Edge”. She says, “I wanted to capture that feeling of uncertainty that can come when we’re on the edge of our comfort zone or making a big decision. At the same time, I wanted to capture a variety of perspectives and people engaging with their own edges (hence the little figures).”

Check out a time lapse of her process here.

You can watch Linds’ Tell Us Something story from December 2023 here. She calls her story “Peanut Butter and Peonies”.

a portrait of Linds Sanders 📷 kmr studios Linds Sanders | portrait by kmr studio


See more of Linds’ artwork and read her poetry at

Pre-Order Your “Close to the Edge” Poster

Immerse yourself in the magic before it unfolds! Pre-order your print capturing the essence of our upcoming live storytelling event, “Close to the Edge.” This artwork, inspired by the raw and powerful storytelling at Tell Us Something, is more than just a souvenir; it’s a window into the emotional depths explored on stage.

Own a piece of the storytelling magic, and get ready to relive the unforgettable moments long after the applause fades. Don’t miss this chance to pre-order your print and claim your piece of the “Close to the Edge” experience!

Order by March 1st!

A Painting Of A Woman in a red hoodie in profile. Smaller dark figures appear to stand on the edges of yellow leafy plants. Text indicates the theme, time, date and location of a performance. Painting by Linds Sanders


The Music of Tell Us Something

A striking portrait of a young woman with colorful hair and flowers, set against a black background. Her bold expression and vibrant teal hair create a captivating and symbolic image of beauty, nature, and empowerment. AI prompt by Marc Moss. Image generated by Bard
Attention storytellers and listeners! Amplify your Tell Us Something experience with themed playlists! Did you know that at (almost) every Tell Us Something event we create an intentional playlist to enhance the experience?

Sometimes the playlist is specific to the theme, like the “Lost in Translation” playlist, other times, it’s music meant to set a mood. Dive deeper into each event’s unique vibe with curated musical journeys.

Explore the some of our playlists and let the music move you!

December 2022 – It’s the Little Things

March 2023 – The First Time

June 2023 – Neighbors

September 2023 – Lost in Translation – a personal favorite. None of the songs are in English!

Thanks for reading, and have a story-worthy day!

Marc Moss
Executive Director
Tell Us Something

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