Meet the Board, Listen to new Podcast Episodes and Get Tickets to “Stone Soup”

Happy Spring! I’m really looking forward to the first indoor in-person Tell Us Something live storytelling event since 2020!

We’ve got 7 excellent storytellers lined up, along with a few surprises. Ticket sales have already been steady, so you won’t want to wait to get your tickets.


Meet the Board of Tell Us Something

The 501(c)3 process has been quite the journey. The lawyer submitted the 1023 (the form to apply to be a 501(c)3) in January. He reports that the IRS is 5 months out in reviewing applications, so we should have our determination letter in May! In the meantime, I’d love for you to meet the Tell Us Something Board of Directors!

You may notice that there are two seats empty. That’s right – we are currently open to a Vice-Chair joining the board, as well as a Treasurer. If you are interested in serving on the Tell Us Something Board in either of these capacities, please send me an email.


New Podcast Episodes!

Jeremy N. Smith and I discuss his story “Always, Only, At Least”. We also talk about podcasting, some of the podcasts that he hosts and co-hosts, storytelling, and being in service of others.

Stephanie Hohn and I chat about her story “The Smartest Girl in the Jail”. We also talk about her band, her podcasts, and how things in the system don’t seem to have changed much since she was 16.

Jim Beyer and I talk about his story “Mission from God”. We also talk about motorcycles, wrecks and helping others out during the moving process.

Then, coming up! Brian Upton re-lives his experience carrying contraband in Egypt, Melody Rice (from Butte!) reflects on being the first woman barber in Butte, MT and more!


Remember to get your tickets to the March 30 live event with the theme “Stone Soup” before they’re gone!


Thanks for reading, for sharing your stories, and for being such great active listeners. See you at The Wilma on March 30!

Marc Moss

Executive Director

Tell Us Something

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