February 2022 Newsletter

Call for storytellers!

There are only 7 days remaining to submit your story pitch for consideration in the March 30 live in-person event at The Wilma! Storytellers are paid a stipend and work with Tell Us Something story coach Marc Moss to develop and hone their story.

Call the pitch line today! 406-203-4683

Our friends in the Deaf community are welcome to pitch by emailing [email protected]


2022 Storytelling Theme Selection – Round 2!

Thank you to everyone who voted for themes in round one!

We’re narrowing down the themes for 2022 and we’d love your input!

Please click here to vote for your 3 favorite themes!

Be mindful of themes that you might have a story for!

Thanks and happy voting!

The attorney submitted the paperwork for the 501(c)3!

Yes, that’s right! The 1023 was submitted last month. We await the determination letter from the IRS and will keep you posted. In the meantime, we are so grateful to Missoula Community Foundation for its continued fiscal sponsorship.

Tickets on Sale Now!

Get your tickets for the March 30 live in-person storytelling event here. Tickets are limited! In order to prioritize the safety of our storytellers and our guests, we are operating this event at 75% capacity. Guests can spread out as much as they want and enjoy the stories!

Click here to get your tickets now!


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