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Winter is Coming. So is a Winter-Long Storytelling Workshop.


As we prepare to buckle down for winter, thoughts turn to self-care and mental and emotional health during the dark hours. Storytelling brings health, well-being, and hope.

To that end, Tell Us Something will be hosting a weekly storytelling gathering this winter! This workshop is for people who want to practice the art and craft of storytelling and already have a story in mind. To learn more and to sign up for the workshop, visit this link.


The Missoula Community Foundation is Tell Us Something’s fiscal sponsor.

They have a quarterly newsletter. This quarter’s arrived in my inbox recently and is worth taking a look at.

Melissa Bangs shared her true personal story about the joys of childbirth and the descent into and recovery from post-partum depression in her story at Tell Us Something in 2014. She was so inspired by the experience that she rented a theatre that week and set out to write a 90-minute one-woman show. I’ve seen the show and it is truly incredible. She went on to tour that show all over the United States, selling out theatres wherever she went.

Join Melissa for an evening of true stories full of bewilderment, chaos, and hilarity. Bangs has a knack for telling true stories that cut to the bone of our shared, vulnerable human condition. Her true gift, however, comes in the moments in which she’s able to strip away the shame or agony of an experience and transform the room into an uproar of laughter.














In market study after market study and survey after survey, one of the biggest reasons people love living in Missoula is the people. This community makes Missoula what it is – quirky, weird, cool, fun, kind, and welcoming.

Tell Us Something has always worked to help us as a community get to know each other better through the stories that we share. Because we have been unable to host any in-person events, we have pivoted the format of the podcast. Each week I sit down with a storyteller to get to know them a little more in-depth, and then I play the story as they shared it on the Tell Us Something stage.

If you haven’t listened yet, please check it out. If you have listened, please rate and review us in your podcasting app of choice. Please also recommend the podcast to 2 people who haven’t heard it yet.

If you know folx who have recently moved to Missoula, this is a great way to introduce them to the people in our town. Help them to get to know Missoula a little better! Welcome them to our great city by introducing them to some of its inhabitants.

Listen to the podcast on the Tell Us Something website

or subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.


Thank you for your support. Stay safe, wear your masks, and keep sharing your stories.

Marc Moss
Executive Director
Tell Us Something

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