December 2021 Newsletter

Happy Winter!

Just announced: weekly drop-in storytelling workshop! New episodes of the podcast are in the works. The attorney has submitted the bylaws and Tell Us Something programming committee is thinking about live in-person events in 2022.

Photo Credit: Tyler Wilson, Missoulian

As we prepare to gather together with family, chosen family and friends during this holiday season, there will be many opportunities to share stories. Do you have a story that you want to work on? Tell Us Something is offering free drop-in workshops every Monday evening throughout the winter. Learn more and sign up here.

As we think about entering the third year of the pandemic, I am heartened by the numbers in Missoula County. (These numbers are as of 12/6/2021):

As of 12/6/2021, 62% of eligible individuals are fully vaccinated (62,481 people). 72,403 individuals are fully immunized. (What’s the difference between vaccinated and immunized?)

There were 30 new cases and 225 active cases.

Thank you to the many people in Missoula who are being careful.


A return to live in-person storytelling events requires your input!

These statistics have me thinking about a return to live in-person storytelling in 2022.

I need your help in determining what that may look like. Please take some time to complete this survey.

Thank you for your support of Tell Us Something, of each other and of live storytelling in Missoula.

Take care of yourself, take care of each other. Wear your mask when you go out. Get vaccinated and have a story worthy day.


Marc Moss
Executive Director
Tell Us Something


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