November Tell Us Something Newsletter

Tell Us Something Bylaws Ratified!

The Tell Us Something Board of Directors had our first official meeting on Saturday, October 30, 2021. We were able to knock out all of the agenda items in 90 minutes including:

1. Adopted bylaws and articles
2. Reviewed board onboarding packet together
3. Determined terms for all board members
4. Agreed upon/signed Executive Director’s employment agreement
5. Established committees, assigned members to committees, established committee chairs
6. Established a common document repository
7. Determined the meeting schedule for 2022

I’ve shipped the bylaws off to the attorney who will file them (which, I’m told, may take up to 11[!] months).

Celebrating Jim Bartmess

Jim BartmessMy father-in-law had a stroke on October 1st. October was dedicated to family time. Jim Bartmess was in ICU for a short time before being moved to comfort care.

We attended to him 24 hours/day in 4-hour shifts. Watching someone die can be a ministry. It has been hard. Jim prepared most of his life for the moment of his transition to the next adventure. He walked down that trail on October 11, 2021. His LDS faith sustained him and much of the family.

His wife of 42 years, Barbara Bartmess, shared the story of their honeymoon at a Tell Us Something event in 2015 at the PEAS Farm. It was the only Tell Us Something event that Jim attended. You can listen to that story here.

Joyce, my wife, and Jim’s youngest daughter shared a story in 2015 about lying to her mother and the just punishment Jim meted out. You can listen to that story here.

You can read Jim’s obituary here.

There will be more news next month that I look forward to sharing with you.

For now, I encourage you to continue sharing stories, listen to each others’ stories, and celebrate your loved ones.

Marc Moss
Executive Director
Tell Us Something

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