“Letting Go” Recap, Call for Storytellers and the Return to The Wilma

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Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support live storytelling in Missoula at The Dennison on September 27. What an experience. Your presence. Your energy. Wow! Thank you. and the storytellers? As always, they brought it! Thank you to *ALL* of our storytellers.

And you know what was cool, for me, about that night? (So many things. For now, one…) Is that I got to sit out in the audience, with you. I’ve heard these stories multiple times, through the coaching and the workshopping, and each one felt, to me, like the first time I heard them. I laughed along with you all, I cried along with you all, and I celebrated our community and the stories that we share together at Tell Us Something in ways that I sometimes am unable to do because I am sitting backstage. The energy in the room: magic. So. Thank you.

For those of you who weren’t there — you will be able to hear all eight of these incredible stories soon. I am currently working with storytellers to get story titles and finalize the production of the podcast. I will get these stories out to all of you as soon as I can. You will be able to stream them at tellussomething.org, or, you can subscribe to the podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

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I was able to email a survey to participants at the event (listeners — you– are participating by actively listening). In order to encourage more active survey responses, I didn’t require you to sign in to the survey. I also forgot to give you a place to give me your optional contact information. So — anyone who has completed the survey who has left comments that included questions, or would like a follow-up, or indicated that you want to be on the Board, or that you would like to sponsor the next Tell Us Something event on December 15 at The Wilma, PLEASE REPLY DIRECTLY TO THIS EMAIL AND WE WILL CONNECT.

If you were at the event and have not yet completed the survey, take a few minutes to share your thoughts. If you complete the survey, you’ll be entered to win a pair of tickets to the December 15 event at The Wilma. Surveys must be completed by Tuesday evening, October 11. I will go live on Instagram on the morning of October 12 to draw the winning pair of tickets.


Click Here to Take the Survey

Call for Storytellers

I mentioned that the next Tell Us Something live in-person storytelling event is at The Wilma on December 15. The theme is “It’s the Little Things”. And we are accepting storytelling pitches right now!

WHAT:  Call for storytellers on the theme “It’s the Little Things”



Everyone is welcome to tell a story. Tell Us Something does not give a platform to hate speech, and calls to action of any sort are forbidden.

Our Programming Committee will select 8 storytellers to share their true personal story based on the theme “It’s the Little Things”. Each storyteller has 10 minutes to share their story from memory.

CALL 406-203-4683 to pitch your story. You have 3 minutes to leave your pitch. Our friends in the Deaf community are welcome to pitch a story by emailing [email protected].

Tell Us Something has initiated a Stewardship Program. What? Yes: FREE TICKETS!

The Tell Us Something Stewardship program is designed to allow people who may not be able to afford to attend a Tell Us Something event to attend for free. It allows groups of people who, for whatever reason, may not be able to attend Tell Us Something. Thank you, firstly, to our sponsor, Blackfoot Communications that allows us to provide this program for the December 15 event.

This is a call to you all, as listeners, or as allies who know people who may enjoy listening to stories of their community. Please email me, [email protected], to let me know that you would like to benefit from the Stewardship program.


Speaking of sponsorship — we have a variety of opportunities for organizations to sponsor each Tell Us Something event. From paying the storytellers, and helping to defer the cost of venue rental, to allow for more inclusion by hiring American Sign Language interpreters, please email me to let us know if your organization would like to help out with a sponsorship of the event.

The next in-person Tell Us Something event is on December 15. If you are new to Tell Us Something, and attended the event at The Dennison, you know how magical these evenings are. Here’s the deal — The Dennison — there were about 920 of us sitting in that room together. The Wilma can only seat 825 people. About 240 of those seats for the December 15 event have either been sold or reserved as part of the Stewardship program. So, if you think you’re coming to the “It’s the Little Things” event, NOW IS THE TIME TO GET YOUR TICKETS.

Watch for the Tell Us Something podcast episode from the September 27 event to be available soon. After that? We took Tell Us Something to Black Rock city this year, so be sure to subscribe to the podcast so as not to miss stories from Burning Man 2022.

I’ve got more exciting things to share about upcoming events, and those can wait for now. Know this: They include beautiful artwork and yummy beer. Tune in next month for more on that.

Get your tickets to “It’s the Little Things”.

Please donate to help support our mission. DONATE


Thank you.

Marc Moss

Executive Director

Tell Us Something


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