Get Your Tickets Before They’re Gone: June Newsletter



67 Donors raised $6,627 to support live storytelling in Missoula!

You know the transformative power of words that can bring a group of strangers together. A few words can bring an audience to tears or uncontrollable laughter.

Thank you are simple words and are inadequate to express our gratitude. Donations ensure that we can pay the storytellers, host a podcast, continue to produce in-person events, and to keep the lights on.

Thank you for continuing our mission to share the transformative power of stories here in Missoula and beyond.

It takes a community to keep the spirit of Tell Us Something going and we are honored to have you part of it.

Tickets are selling quickly! 8 storytellers. 10 minutes each. No notes.

If you want to experience a magical evening of stories from your community, now is the time to secure your tickets.


Because there have been lots of behind-the-scenes stuff going on over here at Tell Us Something, the podcast has been on an unintentional hiatus. Watch for a new episode next week!

Tell Us Something Board Chair to moderate BIPOC Cultural Identity in the Arts discussion

Have you gotten your tickets yet? Now. Is. The. Time. Get ‘em while the getting’s good!

Chairs are provided. Tickets required.

ASL interpretation provided. Sponsored by Garden Mother.

Food trucks on site.

Sound by Attack and Release.



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