September News – In-Person Storytelling Event Review

Happy Fall!

As the smoke clears out of the valley and temperatures drop, I am remembering what a lovely evening we had out at Bonner Park Bandshell last month. If you missed it, be sure to subscribe to the Tell Us Something podcast so that you can hear all of the stories from that night. We had a great time gathering in person safely outdoors.

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Besides the wonderful stories and the gorgeous weather, I was pleased with how many attendees chose to wear their masks.

To those who were there and masked up: thank you for being so conscientious and respectful of one another.

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The storytellers, of course, were great. If you missed it, be sure to subscribe to the podcast so that you can hear those stories when the next episode drops!

  • 28% new attendees
  • About 20 people mentioned issues with the sound being a concern. The next independently produced event Tell Us Something hosts will definitely feature a professional dedicated sound engineer.
  • 97% of survey respondents report being vaccinated

Check out the photo gallery if you haven’t seen it yet! Thanks to Neubauer Media and KMR Studios for the photography!

When I asked attendees when they would feel comfortable attending an indoor Tell Us Something again, the responses were in line with my thinking: we aren’t ready.

As I think about when the next Tell Us Something event is, I return to two important tools:
The COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool

As I write this, only 62% of Missoula County is vaccinated. The Delta variant is surging. Missoula county currently reports the 4th highest caseload in the state with 667 active cases. On Monday, August 29, 115 new cases were reported in Missoula County.

There are so many unknown variables right now that it is difficult to know when it will again be safe to gather in person for live storytelling. In the meantime, new episodes of the podcast are in the works. The attorney has finished his review of the bylaws. The board is currently reviewing the revisions and we are nearly complete with the process of Tell Us Something, a 501(c)3 organization!

Thank you for your support of Tell Us Something, of each other, and of live storytelling in Missoula.

Take care of yourself. Take care of each other. Get vaccinated. Wear your mask when you go out. Have a story-worthy day.

Marc Moss
Executive Director
Tell Us Something

Thanks again to our title sponsor for the event, Blackfoot Communications!

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