Procrastination be Gone! Missoula Gives Thank Yous on the Way

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who gave to Tell Us Something during Missoula Gives. I have been chipping away at the thank you cards since May 6th, believe it or not, and I finally wrote the last one.

Premiums are on the way to those of you who donated in that capacity. As soon as I post this, I head to the post office to post them.

Thank you for your patience while I dragged my feet gettign them to you.

Next week’s intention: catch up on Quickbooks (I finally got my taxes back from the CPA, and the accountant’s copy of the Quickbooks file). Then start on the YouTube editing. I hope to have an official channel launch BEFORE the next Tell Us Something live event (which is June 20, you know. And tickets are on sale now.)

Have a good weekend y’all. Keep telling stories. Your story matters.