Communication Breakdown…It Drives Me Insane!

Everyone has a story to share. Everyone’s story is valuable & deserves to be heard. So many people love Tell Us Something & want to share their story.

There are so many different ways to communicate with one another now compared to even 10 years ago. My two biggest tools in organizing Tell Us Something are my email inbox & my calendar. If something does not end up in one of these two repositories, I will almost certainly forget.

People who want to sign up to share a story at Tell Us Something contact me in so many different ways: verbally on the street or at a coffeeshop, text message, Facebook message, email, through other people sometimes even. If I forget to follow up immediately using email, or I forget to add their intention to share a story to the sign-up sheet, there is a chance I will forget.

I’m admitting this as an apology to those I have let slip through the cracks. Also as an intention to allow it to happen less or not at all. And as an acknowledgement that it may occur in the future.

If you want to share a story, I’ll do everything that I can to help you do that successfully. Some of the responsibility for signing up is on you, too.

To sign up to share a story:

  1. Go to the Tell Us Something home page to review the themes and dates
  2. Find a theme that resonates with you
  3. Click the link to sign up
    1. A spreadsheet opens
    2. Add your name, email address & phone number to the spreadsheet

I will contact you as the date of the event for which you signed up nears.

Thank you for your patience with me & for your enthusiasm in wanting to share your story!

Your Story Matters,