Listen up! Podcasts in 2016

2015 was a whirlwind year for Tell Us Something. We produced 9 events and began releasing podcasts twice weekly. We were paying a professional to produce the podcasts and soon that became one of our largest expenses.

The income generated from the live events is not enough to cover day to day operational expenses including things like podcast production, although it does help. Tell Us Something is funded primarily through sponsorship dollars.  The Bookstore at the University of Montana has been sponsoring Tell Us Something since the beginning. (Thank you!) Because we depend upon sponsorship dollars, we also need to bootstrap a little sometimes.  So in 2016, Tell Us Something will switch to a self-produced podcast.  I’ve done the first two and they don’t sound too bad.  Soon Tell Us Something will have some media arts interns from the University of Montana to help us out.

The sound quality of the professionally produced podcasts was great.  The producer failed to provide podcasts to me in a consistent enough way that I could publish them on a predictable schedule.  Some days got missed, sometimes the podcast didn’t come out until late at night.

Consistency in publishing is important. In 2016 you can expect two weekly podcasts. On Tell Us Something Tuesday the podcast will be published in the morning around 9AM.  On Tell Us Something Thursday expect to see the podcast in the afternoon around 3PM.

One of the biggest free ways that you can support Tell Us Something is to SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST! Please!  Please tell your friends about the podcast and have them subscribe too.

Thanks for being part of Tell Us Something. Without you sharing your stories and listening to the tellers, Tell Us Something cannot exist.

Your story matters.