Story Jam 2014 – Presented by Tell Us Something

This edition of Tell Us Something was recorded on May 5th, 2014 at the Top Hat Lounge. This is a special edition of the podcast, being Story Jam, presented by Tell Us Something. A story jam is different from a story slam in that it is not a contest — everyone wins. This is the entire event, so time stamps have been added for the start times for each storyteller.

The sound quality of the podcast production is not up to the standard of usual Tell Us Something episodes. This is because we produced this episode ourselves in an effort to save money. As you listen, you will see that paying for professional sound production is worth the money.

Still, the stories are excellent. Please have a listen.

Tahj Kjelland 2:35 His father warned him not to drink the water, but he did. Then went on tour with his band.

Justin Daniel 8:22 – Justin and his wife are longing to live overseas again. They miss the weird experiences.

It is worth noting that Justin was so inspired by telling his story and by Tell Us Something that when he moved to Dhabi to teach English, he started a live storytelling event there called Say Something Storytelling. Check them out on the Facebooks.

Marc Moss 14:50 – drives 3 hours to hear live music, but the story begins when he is driving back home on a hot August night during the wee morning hours.

Pat Williams 18:17 got to meet Jeanette Rankin, Pat tells what she shared with him about war and fairness.

Mary Nellis 25:37 Realizes that God has a sense of humor while on a crabbing boat in Pakistan.

Stephanie Wing 32:44 It’s hard for Stephanie to be the tomboy daughter of a beauty queen mother. A story of image, guilt and stealing.

Jim Beyer 40:19 His sweet Doberman bit someone, will he have to pay the ticket he was given for this offence!?

Gwen Noah 44:39 Gingerbread houses, piano benches and visit to the emergency room on Christmas Eve.

Ray Risho 51:29 Hitchhiking on Route 66 with beggars.Beggars can’t be choosy.

Susie Risho 58:4 Trying on gloves in Naples, Italy with erotic thoughts,

Jen Edwards 1:03:57 Big sister pushes Jen down the hill on a sled, didn’t turn out too well. Jen did get her back!

Nita Maddox 1:09:26 Starting liking people, went on an adventure and discovered where home was.

Marley Niland 1:17:18 – (incorrectly identified as “Mary” in the introduction.) Sees her mom as a person who is someone who isn’t just her mom, a moment to remember.

Cindy Gafney: 1:21:43 Her son realizes that Butte, MT kinda eats people alive.

Jack Rowan: 1:23:48 In his dream, a hair stylist gives him a new hair style. When the haircut is over, Jack looks in the mirror to find himself transformed, listen to how he was transformed.

Stu Landers: 1:28:00 Luckily by-passed some trouble on a high school trip to Portland, OR thanks to his band director.

Ingrid Biehl Lucco: 1:33:09 Trip to Mexico that changed her life, plus the joy of seeing friends encounter a puffer fish!

Francesco: 1:40:08 – Hey, Ho – getting to Missoula on a Greyground bus.

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