Podcast vs. Live Event – audio challenges

David Michael Sojourn-Dupuis was born in the ever oppressing heat and humidity of northeast Florida. and therefore likes hot weather. He enjoyed running more as a child than as an adult and feels that the educational infrastructure never really understood him. If it took the time to do so things could have been different between them.

This edition of Tell Us Something was recorded on February 17th, 2015 at the Top Hat Lounge in Missoula, MT. The theme was “Adventure”.  Michael’s story is called “And That’s the Way the Oreo Crumbles”.

David’s story was slated to be published today. Here is an example of how the recording sounded:

I would not want to listen to that, and sharing it would do a disservice to the storyteller and the story. When I listened to David’s story at the workshop, I felt enlightened about a culture in Yellowstone that I had no idea about, having served there as a park ranger for 7 seasons. So I really wanted to get this story out there. Many people told me after the event that this story resonated with them. And so, it is with great disappointment that I deliver this news.  There may be a time that this story gets better treatment and is released, but for now, thank you to David.  Glad you made it.