Spring Cleaning with a New Hard Drive

Monday night while I was producing the podcast for release that next morning, I couldn’t save any files from Adobe Audition. The hard drive was full.

I knew that this day was coming, as I had been getting “out of storage” errors for a while.

I deleted ALL of the non-essential programs in order to move forward, but knew that I had put it off long enough.

Initially I did not understand how my hard drive had become full. It is a 4TB hard drive. What I learned is that when I formatted it, Windows 10 forced a format at 2TB including the operating system.

So I backed up all of my files to the cloud and bought a 2TB solid state drive. I installed it and did a clean install of Windows 10. Then I re-formatted to old hard drive to its full 4TB capacity. I created new user accounts and have finished re-installing all of the required programs, made the necessary tweaks to Windows, un-installed as much of thier crapware as I can, and am waiting for the cloud backup to sync back to the local machine.

Grateful to have been able to save all data. Looking forward to getting back to work. For now, it’s beer-o-clock!