Our first story comes to us from Joe Nickell, who shares his discovery story about the world of polyamory in this coming of age tale. Joe calls his story “Coming Out Poly”.

Joe Nickel - "Coming Out Poly"

Joe Nickell is a leftie writer and the creator and cohost of the first TV series ever broadcast on the Internet. He plays percussion in the Missoula Symphony and drums in the band Motorhome, which once wrote a song inspired by a Tell Us Something story. Joe’s relationship status is complicated, which is how he likes it.  Anyone interested in connecting with the poly community in Montana should look up Joe or the Great Montana Gateway Group on Facebook.


On a motorcycle trip in Baja, Mexico, Geoff Sutton’s companion breaks his ankle in deep sand 90km from town. Geoff shares the story of how they worked together to get Greg and both bikes home safely. Geoff calls his story “Sandbagged”.

Geoff Sutton - “Sandbagged”

Geoff Sutton is an avid traveler and his favorite way to see the world is on a motorcycle. He has ridden across China, the Altai Republic of Russian Siberia, Oman to the North cape of Norway and the most southern point of Africa. He continues to ride and explore new places around the world.


Brihannala Morgan is a political activist protesting at the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco, whose friend almost dies falling from great heights. Brihannala calls her story “Fear and Falling”.


Brihannala Morgan - "Fear and Falling"

Brihannala Morgan has been working to protect Indonesia’s tropical forests and the people who depend on them for over fifteen years. When she’s not causing trouble in the name of the environment and social justice, she’s working in the garden or wildcrafting and making wine, jam, and other products to preserve the bounty for family and friends. Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, she lives in Missoula with her partner Jonathan, and their amazing whippet cattle-dog mix, Tufa.


In our final story, Mike Robinson quits his steady job to be a horse farrier. He calls his story “Farrier on a Bike”.

Mike Robinson - "Farrier on a Bike"

Mike Robinson has been a certified journeyman farrier for the past 15 years, working on about 2,500 horses per year. He has worked on just about every type of horse breed and discipline there is, from race horses to trail horses, ranch horses to show horses, drafts to minis, backyard pets to police horses. In addition to horses, he regularly works on mules, donkeys, and burrows, and the occasional llama, sheep, goat, pig and cow, and has tended to the foot care of species of ungulates he can’t even name at the La Crosse Municipal Zoo.